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Every day more people are facing the toughest fight of their lives. Whether you give your time, your experience or your support through volunteering; you can be a positive influence & help in countless ways. We can all make a difference to people affected by cervical cancer. Join our team and make a difference.


Ways you can get Involved

Volunteer your Time

Gain new experiences, share your skills and ultimately, make a difference to people living with cancer.


Use Your Experience

Use your experience of cancer to help and inspire others. Becoming a Cancer Voice is a unique and powerful way to make life better for everyone affected by cancer. Give your time and energy and become part of our Team.


Schools & Youth Groups

We know it’s important that young people have access to information about cancer. By giving them information they want and need, we can help make sure they are able to cope when it affects them – whether they are diagnosed themselves, or if a friend or family member gets cancer.   

Together We Can Make A Difference, Cure Cervical Cancer!


If you have any questions about getting involved we would love to hear from you. 

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*The KristenzKure Foundation supports the many fine organizations of cancer websites.
Follow the Resource Links on this website to learn more. 


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